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    One Bedroom For Sale in Girne
    Starting price from £60,000
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    Five Star Resort Hotel with Casino
    For Sale..from $50,000,000
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    Sea Front Villa in Lapta
    For Sale...£250.000
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    Sea Front Restaurant for Investment in Lapta
    For Sale...from £1,000,000
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    Sea Front Villa in Catalkoy in North Cyprus
    For Sale...from £600,000

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For Sale

Karsiyaka / Villa - b8008

Beds3 Baths2 Area150m²
For Sale

Alsancak / Apartment - b8018

Beds1 Baths1 Area62m²
For Sale

Lapta / Bungalow - b8020

Beds3 Baths2 Area140m²
For Sale

Catalkoy / Villa - 56789

Beds3 Baths3 Area120m²
For Sale

Catalkoy / Villa - b8025

Beds3 Baths2 Area170m²
For Sale

Alsancak / Apartment - b8026

Beds3 Baths1 Area170m²
from £330,000
For Sale

Ozankoy / Land - e0007


Easy to get Mortgate

In north cyprus most of the builders gives mortgages.%50 percent front payment and rest of it in 5-20 years period.

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Beydola estae agents offers to sell and advitise your property world wide. Please call or email for further details.

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For Sale

Catalkoy / Villa - b8003

Beds4 Baths3 Area230
For Sale

Dogankoy / Apartment - b7805

Beds3 Baths2 Area130
For Sale

Lapta / Villa - b7804

Beds3 Baths2 Area280
For Sale

Esentepe / Apartment - b7803

Beds2 Baths1 Area75
For Sale

Catalkoy / Villa - b8001

Beds4 Baths3 Area
For Sale

Lapta / Commercial - b8002

Beds- Baths4 Area
For Sale

Catalkoy / Land - b8015

For Sale

Catalkoy / Apartment - 45067

Beds2 Baths1 Area50
For Sale

Alsancak / Villa - b8019

Beds3 Baths2 Area165
For Sale

Alsancak / Apartment - b8021

Beds2 Baths1 Area80
For Sale

Catalkoy / Villa - b8023

Beds4 Baths3 Area280
For Sale

Lapta / Land - B8789


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